The emerging megacities of China like Chongqing are growing at unprecedented speed. Future oriented and economically optimized urban planning transforms historic settlements into hightec skyscrapers.

After researching trough historical photographs of the city, i began a search for the remains of the old parts of the city. It soon turned out that old houses and dreamy alleys had to move for four-lane streets, which provide access to the ultramodern skyscrapers. The idea of ancient China quickly got banished for a cold concrete wall.

The resulting pictures show a light hologram, which was created with the help of a special LED-device. These pictures are an attempt to merge old structures with new reality. This project wants to rise questions about past and future and ways to combine tradition and modernity.
Bang Bangs now the old city of chongqing
Chongquing Tower 1
Exhibition view: LP. Chongqing
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